Ghorbanian Residence, Savannah GA

Originally built in 1901 as a Victorian. It currently lies in a dormant dismal condition...until now.

ADS purchased this property located at 32nd Street in Savannah Georgia in mid-year 2005. Another truly unique residence. Having to work closely with the guidelines and rules set forth by the Savannah Historical Society and the Metropolitan Planning Commission of Savannah, ADS worked diligently to produce a project which maintained the respective Victorian Style. The interior was efficiently blended with modern day views while allowing the home’s sense of history show through. Mr. Ghorbanian along with our Architectural Historian, were able to verify pertinent elements which were necessary to preserve an old time appearance and in effect maintaining history.

Preliminary concepts were designed and presented the MPC of Savannah in December 2005 and recieved final approval approval in May 2006. It is currently under restoration.

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