Speer Residence

 ADS was approached by the Speer Family in 2003 to design a new home. The new residence shall be a unique architectural work in itself. The fluidity of the home blends art with function. As it shall incorporate environmentally friendly technologies which will make it stand out all on its own.

The family asked us to follow an environmentally conscious design and therefore newly implemented Green technologies for the residence. It shall include geothermal and solar energy systems for heating as well as provide electrical power. To solve for any drainage issues, it shall also incorporate rain gardens which will provide function as well as visual stimulation.

Speer Residence Website

Brown Residence

The residence for Dr. and Mrs. Brown was approached as a dwelling for their coming retirement.

The Browns desired a home to accommodate and entertain their family and friends as well as providing them with space for their academic activities and artistic crafts.

The site for the house is situated along a beautiful stretch of tidal waters on Virginia’s northern neck and was designed to take full advantage of its orientation and view to the water. In order to accomplish this, an open plan was conceived as the best approach to afford views of the river from just about any vantage point in the public part of the house without the need of moving small spaces to line up on the waterside. This was achieved through the good use of transparencies with high ceilings in the centrals ares.

The layout provides an optional third floor at the highest point of the house, adjacent to the attic space, for an office with a small break area and library for use by the couple with their independent desks and work area. Off this space there is a small deck resembling a captains’s deck over-looking the entire creek.

The house incorporates cascading terraces leading from the pool and patio ares over-looking the water as well as providing South Side orientation.

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